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150 Years Of The Levi’s® 501®

Happy 501® Day to all those who celebrate 🤝 but this year is extra special…

Leading the way in innovation and style, Levi’s® is celebrating 150 years of its legendary 501® silhouette.


A staple cut that’s stood the test of time, find out what makes the 501® so iconic right here.


Classic Since 1873 👖

A lot can change over 150 years, but not the 501®.


There’s a reason these legendary jeans are more or less the same as they ever were. What started out as a patent for using copper rivets on work pants on 20th May 1873, a date that went down in Levi’s®’ history books, has steadily established the brand as the go-to in the denim game.


By the mid-1920s, with a couple of small tweaks to the silhouette, the 501®’s had the brand’s profits soaring. Only growing in population, from generation to generation, Levi’s® 501® jeans are a must-have style woven into every wardrobe.


From cowboys at the rodeo in the ‘30s, to ‘60s hippies during America’s Summer of Love and the UK’s gritty mods and rockers, one thing was for sure – they’d be wearing 501®s.


Above the trends and ahead of the game, it didn’t matter what changed in the world around ‘em. The 501® was here to stay. They became so synonymous with youth culture and teen rebellion that blue jeans were actually banned from US schools in the ‘50s – making them a statement symbol of counterculture cool, and loved even more by the people who wore them.


By the ‘70s and ‘80s, Levi’s® were seen in every slot of society. Whether that was through the punk and hip-hop movement, as well as high-rising artists like Kate Bush and Run DMC, that iconic Red Tab was spotted everywhere.


Iconic Every Time 👌

If there’s one piece of clothing that’s in everyone’s rotation, it’s gotta be a pair of jeans.


No matter when or where, a staple set of 501s® is an instant level up for your ‘fit. Cut from durable denim cotton, with minimal stretch for a clean, crisp look, and comin’ in a range of washes and colourways, you can pick your fave and wear ‘em forever.


From city links, coffee catch ups and big nights out, there’s nothing the 501® can’t do. Dressed up or dialled down, these jeans will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe, lookin’ A+ with whatever you pair them with. After a little more inspo? Find out how we’re Doing Up Denim with Levi’s® here.


What’s more, in celebration of the 150 year anniversary, Levi’s® is releasing a collection of its classic denim cuts in tribute to the OG.


For the gals, think the 501® Original Shorts that are perf’ for festival season, bringing vintage vibes to your Summer ‘fits. Or step out the 501® ‘90s fit; a looser, laidback look with throwback energy to take your looks to the next level. Style ‘em with cute crop tops for an ‘out-out’ look, or with oversized tees and sweatshirt for when you’re keeping it chilled.


Men’s cuts keep it classic, with styles like the 502® Taper Hi-Ball, dubbed the ultimate jeans for sneakers with their roomy fit at the top and streamlined taper for a clean silhouette. Or channel ‘90s-inspired vibes with the 501® ‘93 Straight jeans, taking cues from skate culture of the era with a looser leg, cropped cuffs and a slightly higher rise.


Not stoppin’ there, it’s only right that Levi’s® stays true to the original, with a drop of the iconic 501s® in the blueprint fit that’s never gone out of style.


Need some Levi’s® in your life? Rep the Red Tab and check out what’s new right here at JD!

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