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adidas Originals: Straight From The Terraces

From the stands to the streets, lace up in our range of terrace-inspired treads from adidas Originals.

Originally a staple on matchday but now street-ready icons, the Gazelle, Samba, Jeans and Handball SPEZIAL have been makin’ moves recently, with terrace vibes trending once again in a big way.


Still as legendary as ever, check out our range of classic adidas Originals creps below.



The Gazelle

Debuting way back in ’66, the Gazelle originally found popularity on indoor handball courts.


The durable leather/suede upper made the Gazelle stand out from the crowd and when the ‘70s rolled around, the Gazelle was adidas’ most popular tread.


Repped in the streets just as much as the courts, it began to find a home in the terraces of football stadiums up and down the country.


A continuous stream of innovative designs and colourways for both men and women throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s kept the Gazelle at the forefront of mainstream attention, making it the timeless classic we know today.


Still as popular as ever, step out in legendary style with the adidas Originals Gazelle right here.


The Jeans

First dropping back in ’75, the adidas Originals Jeans MKI landed to little fanfare. It arrived in Blue because, simply, it was decided an all-Blue trainer went best with jeans.


When the MKII came a few years later in ’79, popularity grew. The only difference was a lighter shade of Blue, but this put the Jeans on the map.


They steadily became more-and-more sought after, particularly during the late ‘80s, although adidas had stopped producing and selling them at this point.


Eventually, the brand re-released the MKI throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s, before dropping a MKII re-release back in 2015.


With a host of colourways continuing to drop today, the Jeans remain an adidas Originals staple.



The Samba

The origin story of the Samba is a fascinating one. They were initially made for a football match in Germany with the intention of tackling the snowy and icy conditions.


Suction cups to the outsole provided the players with better grip on the slippery surfaces.


After this proved successful, adidas continued to refine the Samba and in 1972, the legendary silhouette we recognise today dropped.


Since then, the Samba has never been far away from public consciousness. Oasis and the Britpop movement revived the football casual vibe in the 1990s, with Sambas the trainer of choice.


Fashion influencers and celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid brought them to mainstream attention once again in 2023, turning a whole wave of millennials and Gen Z’ers into fans of terrace fashion.


Check out our Samba collection right here!



The Handball SPEZIAL

Originally a staple for the indoor courts, the Handball SPEZIAL is one of adidas Originals’ most iconic kicks.


Debuting back in the late-‘70s on the handball courts of Germany, the sneaker soon grew in mainstream popularity, becoming an essential lace-up during the football casual movement of the ‘80s.


It was never intended for the Handball SPEZIAL to be swept up in the football terrace craze, it was designed as an indoor athletic shoe, plain and simple.


But this popularity propelled the SPEZIAL into the mainstream, making it the staple sneak for both men and women that’s still makin’ waves now.


Cop our range of Handball SPEZIAL sneakers now and check out our full range of terrace-inspired treads right here!

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