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Always Delivering: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens has been at the heart of music and fashion for decades and is still bringing fresh, innovative style to the streets.

Always delivering new and unique designs, the brand remains at the forefront of alternative fashion.


From the signature leather uppers and chunky midsoles, to the rubber outsoles and iconic heel tabs reppin’ the brand’s logo, Dr. Martens are a cultural icon.


Read more about our range below…



Music 🤝 Fashion

Starting life as a sturdy and reliable work boot, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that Dr. Martens would be adopted by the youth as a fashion flex.


It was the skinheads that started lacin’ up the iconic boot first, as a representation of working-class pride. But when Pete Townshend of The Who started to rep ‘em, the brand began to gain serious traction.


As time went on, the boot was adopted by the punk and goth scenes in the ‘70s and ‘80s, becoming a symbol of self-expression, before being synonymous with Britpop and festival culture throughout the ‘90s and ‘00s.


Essentially, music has always been at the heart of the Dr. Martens brand.


Continuing that tradition today, Dr. Martens still goes hard. For a low-key vibe, opt for the Thurston Low.


Cut from lightly textured, waxy Lusso leather in the upper for a plush, long-lasting wear, they feature a lace fastening for a secure fit and sit on a cemented rubber outsole for durable traction.


If you’re after something a bit bolder, go for the Tarik Utility boots. Sturdy and durable whilst maintaining that legendary Dr. Martens street-ready vibe, these boots are cut from Extra Tough 50/50, a polyester material that includes 50% recycled plastic.



Inside, they’re lined with a SoftWair insole for an ultra-snug feel whenever you lace ‘em up, with a chunky, cemented PVC outsole for firm grip.


Finally, you can’t go wrong with the Bonny Tech Utility treads. Perfect as part of a street aesthetic, they’re made using high-grade nylon with strong leather overlays.


With grooved edges, an AirWair heel loop and visible stitching, they come with all of the signature details of a classic Dr. Martens boot, with an added urban edge.


Likin’ the look of our Dr. Martens range? Check out the full collection right here.

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