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Behind The Scenes Exclusive At JD Studios With Our Sneakerheads!

We managed to pull some strings and get your fav sneakerheads; John Melchico AKA @Iamjohnmelchico and Ryan Hildrew AKA @Ryxn_dh down to the JD Studios to show em’ what really goes on behind the camera. Before these two lads took to the stage with their JD style for a quick photoshoot, we managed to grab 5 minutes with them to get the inside deets of what goes on behind Instagram…

So boys, tell us a bit about yourselves…

John – I’m John! 28, although I could easily get ID’d for lottery tickets haha! I am currently a social media influencer and a brand consultant. Oh and I used to drink so much milk it made me lactose intolerant…

Ryan – Okay so I’m 21 from Essex. My main occupation and the way I afford my clothes is because I’m a qualified engineer! I realised college wasn’t working for me so I secured myself an apprenticeship in air conditioning and qualified after 2 years, now working full time!

When did you first get into fashion and what inspired you to take to Instagram?

Ryan – I’d say fashion became a big thing for me when I left school. Soon as I hung up that uniform I was able really start being unique and show the world who I am. I was already that guy in my groups of friends that dressed a bit more “out there” and had people asking me where I got my stuff so I thought why not expand my audience and create a platform of my own!

John – For me, I really started looking after my image when I was in sixth form college. Knowing a platform like Instagram was a way to get my message out to the world inspired me to just have fun with it.

What’s your fav fashion trend and why?

John – Easy! Has to be ALL BLACK ERRTHING

Ryan- Oversized clothes! Big baggy hoodies, loose shorts and chunky trainers, it’s such a comfy trend!

What’s your fav sneaker?

Ryan – This is a really hard one! I’m a huge sneaker freak and Old school vans is always my go beater, though I’m always feeling Jordan 1’s! Truth be told there’s so many I couldn’t live without!

John – All Time? Hmm Air Jordan Retro 1 Bred colour way iconic, classic!

 Describe your style in 1 word? 

John – Blvckmvnivc!

Ryan – Comfy

3 items of clothing you can’t live without?

Ryan – you will rarely catch me without one of my dsquared2 caps! My grey Balenciaga side logo joggers and my Yeezy season 5 shorts. Which I will be wearing nearly every day this summer!

John – There’s only one item of clothing for me! The Supreme Baltoro Jacket!

Top 3 songs on your playlist?

Ryan – I just can’t pick 3 songs so I will give you my current three favourite artists, NAV, Tory lanez and post Malone.

John – Post Malone – 92 Explorer, then 92 Explorer and finally 92 Explorer!

What’s your dream job?

Ryan – My dream job is to one day become a travel blogger, to be sponsored to see the worlds most beautiful places for the rest of my life.

John – Palaeontologist (studying dinosaur bones) lol! Nah, CEO of my own label.

What does fashion mean to you?

John – My whole life, its everything I stand for and what I represent, it’s my second skin.

Ryan – Identity, individuality and community. To be yourself, to be expressive, and to bring people together that have the same passions as yourself

If you could only wear one trainer for the rest of your life what would it be?

John – Any colour way Air Jordan Retro 1 honestly it’s my favourite shoe.

Ryan – Air Force 1 low, it’s my all-time favourite classic trainer that can be worn with anything.

Your advice to other rising influencers?

John – Don’t take yourself too serious, and have fun with creating content! Interact with people out there who will support you.

Ryan – be yourself, a lot of people think by copying their role models will achieve them success, this isn’t the case, you will just get lost in the herd of sheep all doing the same thing. Be yourself and people will respect that!


Wow as Drake once said ‘It’s the journey that teaches you…” Who else is feeling inspired by these two lads? Shop their look here at JD now and start your own photoshoot! Don’t forget to #MeInJD

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