JD Sports | November 22, 2022

Breaking the Stigma: JD x International Men’s Day

Saturday, 19th November, marked International Men’s Day across the globe. To celebrate all things men, we teamed up with some familiar faces across the world of sport, music and social media, coming together to spread awareness of men’s mental health and the impacts it causes if we continue to suffer in silence.

Want to know how we played our part? Check out what went down over the weekend…

@jdofficial Four empowered male role models took to the floor and spoke up. Listen in to what @chunkz, Tyrone Mings, @chuckieontiktok & @A Star Barbers had to say on #InternationalMensDay 🙏 Keep it locked for episode 2 🔐 #jd #jdsports #jdxinternationalmensday #imd #men #mentalhealth #positivity #rolemodel #chunkz ♬ original sound – JD Sports

In the Chair with Tyrone Mings, Chunkz & A-Star Barbers

Aston Villa and England defender, Tyrone Mings is in the spotlight on a weekly basis. Now with some time off from the pitch, he linked up with our OG host Chuckie, sitting down in the iconic A-Star Barbers chair to talk all things football and the pressures that come with being a role model for the next generation.


As a high-profile celeb barber, A-Star Barber also knows what it’s like to be under pressure, cutting hair for Man City players and other famous faces on the daily.


Joining them for a fresh shape up was our guy Chunkz. Rapidly rising to fame through YouTube and social media in the past few years, he was candidly sharing his experiences with Chuckie and the crew.


Talking everything from injury setbacks and dealing with outsiders’ opinions, to viral mistakes and footballers’ haircuts, catch both episodes right here…


@jdofficial Vulnerability, mental health and making mistakes 🙏 @Chunkz, Tyrone Mings & @astarbarbers speak up about their own personal experiences 🙌 #jd #jdsports #internationalmensday #mentalhealth #imd #chunkz #tyronemings #astarbarbers ♬ original sound – JD Sports


Not only did we collab with some of our fave people, we also linked up with our friends at ANDYSMANCLUB charity, encouraging donations to show your support and play your part in spreading the awareness of men’s mental health.


Starting up in early 2016 after the tragic passing of Andrew Roberts, ANDYSMANCLUB was born, and since then has grown to a weekly service used by almost 2000 men and counting, across nearly 100 locations in the UK.


Its sole purpose is to bring a judgement-free, confidential space where men can open up to one another about problems in their lives. These free-to-attend support groups are for men aged over the age of 18.


Find out more about ANDYSMANCLUB right here.

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