JD Sports | January 9, 2023

Enhance Your Workout With Sports Tech

If fitness is your focus now the new year is here, maximise your potential with sports technology.

Whether you’re recovering from a tough sesh or need something to push you through, our range has you covered!


Make working out that little bit easier in 2023 by checking out our sports tech collection below.


Treat Your Guns To Theragun 💪

After a big gym sesh, treat your muscles to a bit of R&R.


The Theragun PRO from Therabody delivers a deep tissue massage to your tired muscles. Designed to decrease recovery time, release stress and ease tension, relax and wind down with this essential bit of kit.


Using Active Torque Control, it reaches up to 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massage gun and up to 40 times per second for greater therapeutic benefits and quicker recovery.


Equipped with an adjustable arm and ergonomic Multi-Grip for an easy hold, it uses a QX150 Motor with QuietForce technology that delivers powerful massages without making a sound.


With up to 300 minutes (five hours) battery life after a full charge, the Theragun PRO comes with two swappable batteries to keep you powered for longer.


The OLED screen keeps you in control by displaying your force meter and can also be paired to your smartphone when you download the Therabody app.


For targeting those larger muscle groups like the quads, hamstring, hips and back, check out the Theragun Wave Roller.


Using an innovative wave texture and powerful vibrations with 5 adjustable settings, the high-density PU foam is comfy to lie on and reduces noise levels.


It has three hours of battery life after a full charge and can also be paired up to the Therabody app on your smartphone, allowing you to adjust the setting without stopping your recovery sesh.


Cop the Theragun PRO and Wave Roller today and start 2023 the right way!



Rest Your Legs With RecoveryAir

Post leg day is always a struggle, but Therabody is here to get you through it.


The RecoveryAir Prime is designed to aid leg recovery using compression massage and with Therabody’s FastFlush technology helping your legs recover two to three times faster than their competitors, these give you a vital edge.


Inflation and deflation take just 60 seconds, while Proprietary TruGrade Technology brings accurate and safe pressure to get you back on track.



With a range of adjustable settings for targeted recovery, from time intervals to pressure range, link them to the Therabody app for full control from your phone. There’s also two preset routines for when you just want to tap and go.


They have up to 180 minutes of battery life after a full charge and are easy to clean down after use.


When hitting legs hard in the gym, help ‘em recover by grabbing the Therabody RecoveryAir boots right here.


Push Through Recovery With The PowerDot 2.0

For targeted healing after a tough gym sesh, look no further than the PowerDot 2.0 from Therabody.


Using the concept of both NMES and TENS, the pads send electrical pulses into you motor nerves to help your muscles recharge.


They can be placed anywhere on the body and with specific settings that can be adjusted in the PowerDot app, this bit of kit takes the stress out of recovery.


The PowerDot can also be used to boost performance, as the pulses contract the muscles to mimic training, which increases strength and helps you perform.


Effective at relieving pain by stimulating the sensory nerves, it releases natural painkillers like endorphins to ease discomfort and help you to relax.


The PowerDot also comes with 20 hours of battery life.


Get back to full strength faster by copping the PowerDot 2.0 now!


Stay Focussed with SHOKZ 🎧

For a distraction-free workout, check out our range of SHOKZ headphones.


From the OpenMove to the OpenRun Pro, these headphones will keep you in the zone during the most intense of sessions.


The OpenMove set have a six-hour battery life after a full charge and are equipped with IP55 sweatproof technology for lasting use even in damp conditions.


With an open ear design that allows you to listen to music and hear traffic to keep you safe, they come with a powerful audio chip for superior sound and 5.1 Bluetooth for a stable connection up to 10 metres.


The OpenMove headphones have a standard mode for music, as well as a vocal booster mode for clear audio when listening to podcasts or audiobooks.



The OpenRun Pro come with everything the OpenMove have to offer, only with enhanced sound and bass thanks to SHOKZ TurboPitch and CoreCushion technology.


With a noise-cancelling mic so you can take calls at any time, they have 10-hour battery life and a wrap-around titanium frame for a snug fit.


Cop the SHOKZ OpenMove and OpenRun Pro right here and train without distraction.


2023 is the year to smash your goals, so level up your workouts with our sports technology range now and give yourself the edge this year.

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