JD Sports | September 18, 2019

Freshers Sports Stylin’

Freshers week is right around the corner, and with that comes the Freshers Fair! You’re gonna have a lot of free time at Uni, so why not find a society that keeps you active, while puttin’ your skills on show?

No matter what sport you wanna try out, we’ve got the essentials that’ll get you lookin’ and feelin’ the part!

Sports Football


Depending on the size of your Uni, there could be anywhere from one to seven football teams so there’ll plenty of opportunity to play and make an impact on the pitch – whatever your skill level!

Whether you’re a tall centre-back or a short and speedy winger, you’ll need the boots to take your performance to the next level. With fresh packs from Nike, adidas and PUMA, find football boots from all pitch types in our boot collection.

You’ve got the footwear, now you need the threads! Get the hottest training wear that uses the latest tech to keep you cool, dry and focused. If you wanna’ step things up, why not rep your team with our collection of football kits for teams around the world! So, no matter where you go to Uni, you can always be reppin’ your home team.

For everything else football related, check out our football hub!

Sports Running


If you’re looking to go the distance and you think you’ve got the stamina, a running club could be the right path for you. Whether you’re suited to long or short distances, we got you!

When it comes to setting the pace, you need runners that’ll keep you going step after step. With a range of running trainers that are equipped with the latest tech to push your performance to the next level, you don’t wanna skip out on the complete collection. Want a fresh running experience? Try out the Joyride Run Flyknit sneakers from Nike!

What’s the trainers without the threads though, right? If you wanna put in the miles and still feel fresh, then you need our running focused gear. Whether you prefer a classic shorts and tee look or you like switchin’ things up with a track top and tights combo, you can find all of the lightweight yet tech-heavy cuts in our running collection.

If you wanna go the extra mile, it’s worth checkin’ out our running accessories to push yourself further.

Sports Boxing Joshua


Fancy yourself as the next Anthony Joshua? Then a Boxing society is sure to put your technique and stamina to the test!

Since you’ll be throwing punches, you’re gonna need the essentials – gloves! Bringin’ you a range of weights and designs, you can find gloves for steppin’ into the ring, along with punching pads to tune up your performance.

So, you’ve got the essentials, now you need the little things that’ll make a big difference. With our range of  boxing accessories, you can find everything from water bottles to keep hydrate, to mouth guards for protection.

Wanna dive into the world of boxing? Check out our boxing hub and check out all the latest content!

And Everything Else…

If football, running and boxing just aren’t your thing, then don’t worry. Head to your Uni’s freshers fair and whatever sport you decide to take on, you can find everything you need for it in our sports hub.

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