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How To Care For UGGs: The JD Guide

A fresh pair of UGG boots or slip-ons has become an essential staple for year-round style. Designed to keep you warm and cosy through the colder seasons, UGGs are a must-have for your rotation!

But what’s most important is looking after them. Want to find out how to keep your footwear looking fresh? We’ve found everything you need to know about looking after UGG boots, slippers and shoes.


Founded in 1978 by Brian Smith, an Australian surfer, UGGs were designed to keep his feet warm and toasty after hitting the waves in Southern California. With cosy sheepskin and a stripped-back design, the boots fast became a staple for the laidback Cali surfers.


Now, they’re worn by everyone everywhere to combat the cold and keep you snug. With stacks of timeless silhouettes to choose from, UGG delivers staple boots and slippers that are perfect whether you’re stepping out or staying in.


What Are UGGs Made Of?

In its classic silhouettes, UGG footwear tends to be crafted with premium suede and sheepskin, with plush fluffy linings.


These materials are pretty delicate, and UK weather does not play when it comes to Autumn and Winter (and, let’s be real, most of Spring). So you’ve got to make it a priority to care for your UGGs. Here’s how!

How To Protect UGGs

The best way to get the most out of your UGG footwear is to protect them first. This will keep them feeling fresh and lasting longer. Make sure the protector you’re using will be durable and fit for suede, or whatever material your UGGs are.


Look for something to make your UGG boots or shoes waterproof, so you can tackle wet weather, spills and more without compromising on cosy comfort.


Crep Protect’s Rain and Stain Shoe Care spray is proven to protect your footwear from the elements by creating an invisible barrier over the upper. After spraying your UGGs with the product, most liquids will bead right off, reducing the risk of stains and dirt affecting the look of your boots or slip-ons. What’s more, taking this step to protect your UGGs will make it easier to keep them clean in the long run.


How To Clean UGGs

Try to keep on top of freshening up your UGG footwear. After wearing, gently clean off marks and brush off any dirt or debris with a suede brush.


If your UGG boots need a little more TLC, you’ve got a couple of options. For dry marks and stains, try brushing it off with a suede brush first. You might want to check out the Crep Protect Suede & Nubuck Eraser, too, for a little extra help.


When you’ve got more serious damage to work on, you’ll need to use some specialist cleaning products on your UGGs. Sheepskin suede is super porous, so it’ll absorb water very easily. Don’t even think about putting them in the washing machine, using the right products makes all the difference.


Tackle the deep cleaning with the likes of Crep Protect’s Ultimate Sneaker Cleaner and Foam X cleaner, these ones are perfect for taking care of tougher marks and stains.



Think You’re Ready?

We’ve given you the rundown, now make sure your UGGs are feeling fresh every time you step out! With all-new drops of the latest styles, and OG classics available to cop, shop your favourite UGG silhouettes and care products at JD now.


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