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In the Duffle Bag Series 2: Episode 8 with Chip

Stop what you’re doing. The next episode of In the Duffle Bag has dropped and this time, it’s Chip! Chopping it up with Becca, Chip gives us the inside scoop on his life, career and more.

Series 2 has been making some serious waves. Even in lockdown, we’ve still been dropping new eps, with guests like Blade Brown, Yasmin Evans and Tiffany Calver giving us the inside scoop. Catch up on Series 1 & 2 of In the Duffle Bag over on iTunes, Acast and Spotify now.

Episode 8 – Chip

Making waves for over a decade, British rapper Chip sits down with our host, Becca Dudley to talk about everything from his Jamaican roots to his latest album, Insomnia. He tells us what it’s like to work with Skepta and Young Adz, as well as who we need to look out for in the industry right now. With all of this and loads more, make sure you tune in!

“If I wanted, I could do 4 projects this year”

Catch the latest episode with Chip on iTunes, Acast and Spotify!

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