JD Sports | March 12, 2018

Introducing: The Festival Heads

Hey festival goers…summer is fast approaching and that means one thing; festival season! Not only do you need to plan your outfits, cop those essential Hunter wellies and sort your schedule to see bands…but you need to be in the know about this season’s seriously ‘cool’ festival heads.

Yup, that’s right…those ones.

festival crowd

Mr I’ve Seen It All’

They’re the one that’s seen your fave DJ that you’re waiting to watch. FYI, five times actually. They were there at the first event. Oh and of course got front row at last year’s gig, but (apparently) they weren’t that good (that’s not what snapchat told us).

For some of us festivals are pretty exciting, but of course ‘Mr I’ve Seen That’ has to remind you that they were doing this way before you, so of course making them way cooler. Seriously, why are you even here hun?

crowd selfie stick

muddy feet

The Social Media Guru

Festivals are for letting your hair down and just simply being all cray and that. NAH – the social media guru ain’t about that life. The 48-hour weekend just has to be documented over Snapchat/Insta/Facebook, you name it. Everything has to be shared over the internet, like RN. It’s vital to inform those sitting at home that you’re having a sick time…But TBF, did you even go if you didn’t snapchat it?

Oh look, there goes ya selfie stick…

The Mud Worm

Yes, these one’s are our fave. We wish we were as cool as them right? Just not bothered whatsoever that their gear is well and truly ruined. I mean, do these guys actually come to festivals with the intent of having a quick swim in the mud?

They will attempt to gather the recruits, but you must resist. Well.. unless you want to make the cut for that viral Facebook vid? Hmmm.. it’s a no from me.

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