JDX Ultimate Delivery Day: Catch the Action

Your Friday just got a whole lot better. It’s JDX Ultimate Delivery Day and we’ve got Stevo The Mad Man (@StevoTheMadMan1) and Specs Gonzalez (@specsgonzalez) taking over London, helpin’ us out with some of our special JDX deliveries…

With 9 hours and 6 drops – it’s all going down over on @jdofficial!

Stevo the Mad Man and Specs Gonzalez
Ultimate Delivery Day

Switching it up, Stevo and Specs are being given emoji clues at each location, giving them hints as to which celeb they’re visiting next. To beat the clock and make all the drops, they’re gonna need your help over on the gram.

Keep up with the madness all day TODAY over on @jdofficial’s Instagram story. D’ya think they’ll make it?!

JDX Unlimited Delivery
JDX Ultimate Delivery Day

What’s JDX Unlimited?

Wanna level up your JD access? Get JDX Unlimited for just £9.99 a year! Getting you unlimited next day delivery, early access to sales and launches as well as loaaads more…

Sound good? Get the deets and download the JD App right here!



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