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New To JD: Stanley

BIG news – Stanley has dropped at JD.

We’re entering our Stanley era. Need the lowdown on TikTok’s favourite cup? We’ve got you – keep on scrolling for all the deets on the hottest accessory you can carry atm.

Who Is Stanley?

The Stanley brand was founded in 1913 by William Stanley Jr., an inventor who created the all-steel vacuum flask. The story goes that he wanted to keep his coffee hot all day long, and necessity breeds innovation. So, Stanley created the steel double-wall vacuum bottle, stuck his name to it, and the brand was born.


With over 100 years of heritage at the heart of the company, Stanley has been much-loved by adventurers all over the world.


Now, the brand is making huge waves after the cups went viral on social media, becoming a must-have addition to your daily essentials.


The hype has stood the test of time, and with Summer right around the corner, there’s no better way to stay hydrated this season. Everyone has a water bottle, sure, but you need the Stanley.


Introducing The Stanley Line-Up

If you’ve somehow missed the Stanley craze on TikTok, quench that thirst and get to know the range, now available at JD.


Each Stanley product is built with hardwearing 18/8 stainless steel, with a double-wall vacuum insulation for supreme reliability that’s made to last.


Flowstate Quencher H2.0 Tumbler

Arguably Stanley’s most iconic drinks holder, the Quencher is the It bottle. And it’s clear to see why – between a super-sleek design and signature innovation, this tumbler is guaranteed to elevate your everyday.


Keep it by your side at all times, with cupholder compatibility, a handle for easy carrying and a straw for effortless hydration. Holding 1.2L, it utilises Stanley’s vacuum insulation to keep cold drinks cold for 11 hours, and two days for iced drinks.


The FlowState screw-top lid has a rotating cover with three positions for added versatility, which disassembles to clean it easily.


It lands at JD in a cool collection of colourways; Cream, Rose Quartz, Black, Pool, Tigerlilly Plum, and Frost.


IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler

Combining function with a fresh look, the IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler keeps you hydrated in style.


Bright and bold, this tumbler drops in a selection of eye-catching colours including Neon Green, Electric Pink, and Neon Yellow.


It has a leak-proof flip straw for easy access when you’re on the go, and a pivoted handle up top for that grab-and-go feel.


The tumbler holds 0.89L of liquid, while the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your drink cold for 12 hours, and iced for 48 hours. Seriously.


The tapered silhouette allows it to fit into almost every cupholder, from cars and bikes to treadmills and spin cycles.


Your Stanley, Your Style

Owning a Stanley is as much about staying hydrated as it is about just *having* a Stanley. Luckily, this is one product where the hype is truly worth it.


It’s the ultimate accessory, ready to style up with your outfits, that keep you and your drinks fresh from days out at the beach or park, to everyday commutes, walks and gym sessions.


As effortless style and tried-and-tested technology combine, it’s easy to see why Stanley products are so popular.


With a huge range of colourways to choose from, it’s all about the Stanley style. With trends like pairing your cup to your ‘fits, and ‘day-in-the-life’s- of Stanley bottles, a Stanley has fast-become TikTok’s fave main character.


How To Clean Stanley Products

Stanleys are super easy to keep clean.

The IceFlow and Quencher tumblers are both dishwasher safe, and you can disassemble all parts of the Quencher, including the straw, the lid, and the tab on the lid (the silicone part).


Once disassembled, simply toss these pieces into the dishwasher, if you have one. If you’d prefer to hand wash your bottle, use a sponge, a mild detergent, and warm water to clean the interior, exterior, and all the little pieces. Then, use a sponge to clean the exterior of the straw and a narrow brush to scrub its interior.


Fill with warm water and mild detergent

Let stand for a few minutes

Wash with a soft, damp cloth or sponge

Rinse and dry with a clean towel


Your Stanley product might occasionally need a deep clean. To do this, the brand recommends letting a mixture of one part baking soda and one part warm water soak for up to an hour. After rinsing out this mixture, clean with mild detergent.


Stanley Season

Got a thirst for a Stanley bottle?


Shop the all-new collection of bottles and tumblers, available to cop at JD right now!

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