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Always Ready With Berghaus

1966 was a fantastic year for England and a man named Gordon. No, we’re not talking about the World Cup! This marked the creation of a legendary brand; Berghaus.

Gordon Davison believed that the best of life is lived outdoors. To this day, Berghaus continues to develop designs that embody that ethos.

Life’s for Exploring

Born for the outdoors, adopted by the streets. Wherever you are, whatever the motive, the weather is always a possible problem. Or is it?


Whether it’s a hike in the hills with the sunshine beating down on you, or a stroll through the city’s rain-soaked streets, Berghaus has you covered.


Durability’s the name of the game. One of the pillars of Berghaus’ philosophy is to craft gear that can withstand tough terrains and erratic elements.

Leading the Way

Galvanising that protection from infamously unpredictable weather is top-of-the-range tech. Berghaus believe innovation should be driven by purpose.


They take textiles to a new level. They’re loaded with tech to tackle turbulent times, fight frost and repel rain. Adventure in any environment, outside or urban, is never too tall a task.

Versatile Style

Long-lasting wear? That’s boxed off. High-performance tech? That gets a tick, too. Does it look the part as well? Let’s take a peek at Berghaus’ latest drop and find out!


This collection brings fresh ‘fits for the street, rural settings, and for days resting up at home. For men, there are lightweight track pants that’re set for any plans. They’re equipped with an elastic waistband to offer support, while pockets throughout provide ample storage.


Complete the look with matching hoodies and jackets to keep you toasty. They feature full zip fastening so you can switch up your style, while the hoods provide essential coverage from downpours.


Likewise, the women’s range delivers a fusion of fire and functionality. Pull on a pair of soft, stretchy leggings and get maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Double your heat with a matching 1/4 zip top that allows you to control your airflow for breathable wear.


With loads of everyday staples like tees and shorts, scroll through the all-new drop by Berghaus right here!

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