JD Sports | October 1, 2021

Ellesse Essentials: Street or Sofa?

During the Summer of 1959, in the Italian city of Perugia, fashion pioneer Leonardo Servadio founded the brand we know and love today, Ellesse. Producing quality skiwear in the 1970s saw Ellesse rise to popularity, this then snowballed and Ellesse began to sponsor elite tennis players, slowly but surely, Ellesse became a staple for street fashion inspired by sportswear.

From classic ‘fits that defy time, to slick sports-style apparel, even supplying gear that’s purpose built for athletes, Ellesse do it all and do it in serious style. Though now and again you need a bit of time to yourself to recharge the batteries… and you deserve to do so in world-famous threads, you could level up ya’ look just like our gal, Jade Thirlwall!


Styles For The Sofa

Put down the racket and pick up the remote, it’s time to chill out. Get set and get cosy for the new season with Ellesse. If you’re wanting to kick back, relax and get comfy on the couch, do it with the unrivalled comfort Ellesse gives you.


Throw on some super-soft fleece joggers and catch a Z or two (no judgement here)! Pair them up with an equally soft hoodie which features a kangaroo pouch pocket, ideal for storing your essentials* when you’re lookin’ to lounge around.




Street Ready

Even when you don’t want it to, life can be served at you with some speed! If you need to make the switch from the sofa to the streets, you’ll be ready in an instant. Ellesse’s new season range for Men and Women is the pinnacle of versatile sportswear.


As we know, life can be unpredictable, and the weather can be, too. Don’t sweat it, Ellesse have got you covered – literally! Kit yourself out with a padded, lightweight jacket, complete with a full zip and hood. Rain, snow or sleet, you’ll look the business on the street!

The Choice Is Yours

So whether you decide to throw on a hoodie and binge watch your favourite TV show, or if you fancy taking to the streets to showcase your style, look fresh and be comfortable regardless of how you choose to flex your ‘fits!


See yourself sippin’ a cup of tea in a snug hoodie? Fancy taking it easy in cosy joggers? Want some flair for your streetwear? Then shop the complete Ellesse collection now!

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