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In the Duffle Bag Season 4: Episode 8 with John Boyega

John Boyega and Converse are back with another round of the ‘Create Next’ campaign!

Two icons link up once again, with UK big-screen star John Boyega and Converse. Focusing on inspiration, innovation, and pushing boundaries, Create Next is back for the second time around.


What’s more, we got together with our guy Chuckie (@ChuckieOnline) for an exclusive episode of In the Duffle Bag with Boyega for all the deets on the campaign and his journey to where he’s at now.


Keep on scrolling for the lowdown on Create Next and Converse’s latest drop right here!


Create Next With Converse

Converse’s latest campaign, Create Next Film Project, is headed up by John Boyega. With an aim to celebrate a new wave of Black talent, Boyega has mentored a group of young London filmmakers to offer up new opportunities for rising creatives.


Since his first iconic role in Attack The Block, Boyega has been makin’ big moves in acting, activism and more.


On linking up with Converse for Create Next, Boyega said: “Black talent is underrepresented in the film industry, and I knew Converse had a strong track record of supporting underrepresented creatives.


“There is a wealth of Black talent looking to start out in the film industry and my mission is to help highlight them. So few jobs in the film industry are filled by Black talent, this partnership with Converse is the first step in me trying to address that,” he added.


The Converse All Stars program looks to create pathways and opportunities for creatives to express themselves. The brand has curated a strong community that supports, mentors and nurtures young, underrepresented talent, and this time around is no exception.


To finish up, Boyega said: “This project isn’t only about five filmmakers. It’s really about every aspiring Black filmmaker in London and beyond. We’re going to document the process so the community can grow alongside the All Stars in this program – learn what they’re learning, seeing what they’re seeing. Converse has a campaign to ‘Create Next,’ and I really feel that’s what we’re going to achieve with this initiative.”


Linkin’ With John Boyega

To celebrate the Create Next Film Project campaign, Chuckie chatted to Boyega for an exclusive In the Duffle Bag episode. We got the lowdown on his journey so far and where he’s headed.


As Chuckie says, Boyega is someone who’s steppin’ right into legendary territory. Inspiring a sensational amount of people throughout his career, Boyega says he’s been taking some time to rest, but he’s ready to get back in the game.


It’s all about balance, right?


But Boyega’s got big goals, and part of that is fronting initiatives like Create Next, to expand it and go bigger so it’s as beneficial as possible for those that need it most.


He’s a humble guy with a lotta’ wise words to give, and luckily for the UK’s young creatives, he wants to make sure they’re gettin’ all the opportunities they need to make it big time.


Wanna’ hear the whole podcast? Check out the latest episode with John Boyega on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast right here!


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