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KSI Vs Tommy Fury: Who will win?

KSI vs Tommy Fury

Since his debut in 2018, YouTuber KSI has remarkably risen to become a hot property in the world of boxing, with his latest bout set to take place on Saturday, October 14th in Manchester against none other than Tommy Fury, younger brother of Tyson Fury, who is currently grafting an admirable reputation of his own. KSI vs Tommy Fury is set to be a fight for the ages…


It’s no secret that Tommy Fury has bona fide credentials as a boxer, having trained in the sport since young; and is currently busy trying to emulate the success of his brother Tyson and shake the Love Island tag that’s followed him since his appearance on the ITV reality show in 2019.


For Tommy, fighting YouTubers probably represents the easiest way to build his brand, with creators like KSI and Jake Paul arriving on the boxing scene with ready-made audiences and fans from their careers on the internet.


Representing Youtube; giving credit where it’s due, KSI, a hugely successful entertainer in his own right, has comfortably established himself as the most successful fighter in the YouTuber-turned-boxer sphere.


Famously beating Logan Paul, KSI sold out The Staples Centre in California, and moved the profile of the sport to a brand new platform, bringing in an audience that perhaps would never have embraced the boxing world otherwise.


From a technical perspective, KSI has embraced the sport well and has shown glimpses of genuine talent in the boxing ring, with a handful of high-profile fights and victories now under his belt.


KSI v Tommy Fury: Who will win?

Here’s how they pair up statistically, with frightening similarities between the two men at a quick glance.


Firstly, they have both been active fighters since 2018. Physically, they stand together at 6ft; both weigh in around the 177-184 IBs range and remain unbeaten, with KSI’s draw against Joe Fournier being the only blemish on his otherwise impressive record.


The cracks would appear when analysing their respective boxing experience, with Fury having racked up nine professional fights to KSI’s six. KSI is also much older at age 30, with Tommy Fury still only 24 years old.


KSI vs Tommy Fury Tale of the TapeKSI vs Tommy Fury Tale of the Tape


KSI vs Joe Weller (2018)

The OG Youtuber boxing match saw comedian Joe Weller face off against KSI, in what was the first fight of its kind at the time.


The spar began after Weller, fresh from winning his first amateur fight, accepted fellow Youtuber and former pal KSI’s offer of being his next opponent. What resulted was a viral trash-talking campaign. The pair would consistently clash online, with many insulting exchanges on Twitter, diss tracks and even invading each other’s appearances at live-streaming events.


Eventually, the fight took place on the 3rd of February 2018, with KSI officially declared the winner by technical knockout one minute and thirty seconds into the third round. It’s estimated around 20 million people tuned in to watch the fight, with a further 8,000 in attendance, illustrating the lucrative potential of Youtube-boxing, and setting a precedent for fights to come.


KSI vs Logan Paul (2019)

Logan Paul was up next for KSI’s second fight, and the event involved a bill that included his brother Deji also fighting against Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, In what was affectionately known as ‘The Youtube Brothers Ultimate Scrappy-Scrap Fightey-Fight, Fight Night’, or simply TYBUSSFFFN for short.


Still unconfirmed; big if true.


The fight itself was wrought in controversy, with a hectic build-up culminating in a draw at the Manchester Arena. A second fight was heralded a professional rematch, and took place in California on the 9th of November 2019, with KSI winning the bout via split decision.


KSI vs Joe Fournier

On May 13th, 2023, KSI fought Joe Fournier in a crossover boxing match at the Wembley Arena in London, United Kingdom. The match was part of the inaugural series of MFB Cruiserweight Championship exhibition crossover boxing matches, airing on Match of Duty and DAZN.


KSI won the fight, but the result was ultimately overturned to a ‘no decision’ after the Youtuber was deemed to have used a naughty illegal elbow to knock out his opponent.



Tommy Fury vs Jordan Grant

On June 5th, 2021, Tommy Fought Jordan Grant at the Telford International Centre, which is probably in Telford. At the time, both fighters boasted perfect records, Grant with 2-0 and Fury with 5-0. On the day, Tommy came out on top, beating the Scottish fighter on points to maintain his perfect start as a boxer, and setting himself up to fight Anthony Taylor.

Tommy Fury vs Anthony Taylor

Just before Tommy fought Jake Paul, he first elected to fight his sparring partner Anthony Taylor, potentially setting up an encounter with the big man himself.

Taylor, an MMA fighter took on an undefeated Tommy Fury on August 29th, 2021. Fury won via unanimous decision and set himself up to Fight Jake in the biggest encounter of his career.

Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul

It seems that the Pauls DO be out here taking endless L’s in the boxing world… This time, the fight was contested between Tommy and the other Paul brother, Jake. On that day, Jake was beaten by Tommy in the most high-profile fight in the careers of both fighters to date.


Taking place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, the pressure was definitely on for Tommy. Should the match have ended in defeat, his aspirations as an elite fighter would have been as good as over. The resulting humiliation of losing to a YouTuber trickster would likely have extinguished his career before it had a real chance of taking off.


Fortunately for Tommy, he came out on top over eight rounds. Despite Jake holding his own for a vast portion of the encounter, Tommy won via split decision with Two judges ruling the bout 76–73 for Fury, while a third favoured Paul by 75–74.



Tommy Fury vs KSI will take place on Saturday, October 14th at The Manchester Arena.


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