JD Sports | April 21, 2020

Surviving WFH with Housemates

Self-isolating, social distancing? Working from home with zero distractions? The struggle is real. At times it’s hard to even remember what day of the week it is! Housemates are perfect to live with when they’re not blitzin’ a protein shake or shrieking like banshees at the sixth meme they’ve shown you during your conference call.

We are all in this odd time together! So here’s some tips on how to survive WFH with your BFF and make your day as productive as possible…

Morning Coffee

Make each other coffee in the morning as a show of goodwill. It will get you prepped for the day and is just nice. We all desperately need nice moments right now.

Tag Team Work-Spaces

Choose a designated work space to hot-desk and try stick to it. And no, that does not mean your bed with Tiger King on in the background. Take turns using the dining room table and kitchen bench as makeshift desks.

Work Commute (but not as you know it)

Whether you head out for a walk every afternoon or just pop out to your lawn/balcony, getting fresh air is mandatory. While on home detention with your housemate, it’s essential you get regular doses of fresh air and exercise. It’s also a big mood booster!

The Shared Calendar

An easy way to avoid overbooking the “conference room” (your kitchen table). A last-minute realisation that you both have meetings scheduled for the same time is not ideal. Skipping this step and going about your business as usual is likely to lead to the kind of simmering frustration that absolutely no one needs RN.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Meet your new BFF. Maybe you both need to listen to music while you work and can’t agree on a playlist. Perhaps one of you is a shockingly loud typer. No matter what flavour of “can you please turn that down?” you’re working with, some kind of sound-muffling barrier is crucial for getting stuff done.

Boss Those Chores  

It’s kind of shocking how quickly a fairly tidy house can turn into a museum of every item of clothing you own. If you’re trying to avoid feeling like a sloth while WFH, chat to your housemate about an amended chore routine for the next few weeks.

Brutal Honesty

A limited space can make sparks fly. Now is the time to get comfortable with brutally honest communication. Although you might have had to grin (scowl) and bear it every single morning when your housemate has woken you up at 6am by slamming a kitchen cupboard door shut – now is the time to speak up.

Self-Improvement, Together

Pick up a new skill with your BFF during lock down or switch up your daily routines by simply eating with care, taking time out from social media, staying hydrated and even make your beds in the morning! You’ll both be sayin’ byeeee to the doom and gloom and feel those negative vibes drifting away.

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