JD Sports | January 31, 2023

That’s A Wrap: Sturdy Off’s Workshops

Over the last 10 days, we’ve linked up with Nike for not one, or two but THREE dance workshops.

Hosted by the mega talented Sturdy Off (@sturdyoff), each workshop saw a host of competition winners and familiar JD faces come together to show us their skills.


Wanna’ know what went down? Get the low down and find out how you can be involved in competitions just like this right here ⬇️⬇️


Get Sturdy

Taking over the studios at JD GYMS, we continued the celebration of Force with a little help from the Sturdy Off.


We decked out exclusive spaces in JD GYMS Oldbury, Liverpool South and Newcastle with all things Nike x JD, and Applied Nutrition were on hand for pre and post workout snacks and supplements! Think protein, shakes and everything people needed to keep energy levels high, while feeling rested and recovered afterwards.



Each workshop saw the Sturdy Off crew teach the class exactly how to ‘Sturdy’. They were put through their paces learning the signature choreography, while the playlist brought good vibes. Wanna’ check it out? Find all the tracks right here.


Adding an element of competition, there were 12-month JD GYMS memberships up for grabs on the day too!


The likes of online coach, Siobhan (@wilsoncoachinguk), dancer Jason (@jason.mwenya) and musician Christy (@christymcallister) joined us, alongside more of the JD fam! Who d’ya think was the sturdiest? 👀


Nike Membership at JD

Want the chance to be involved in workshops just like this one?


When you connect your JD and Nike accounts for free, Nike Membership at JD unlocks access to loads of Swoosh perks! Find out more here.

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