JD Official | September 30, 2022

Linked Up Better Together: Nike Membership at JD

Like the sound of exclusive member benefits? We’ve linked up with Nike to offer you even more rewards!

When you sign up to Nike Membership at JD and connect your existing JD and Nike accounts for free, you unlock the most exclusive, members-only benefits. These are unmissable rewards that you’ll receive on top of the perks you get already with each of your JD and Nike memberships.


Better Connected

From exclusive, members-only access to Nike product, to free gifts, here’s what you can unlock once you connect your accounts…


Free Stuff
The first 5000 members to link their accounts and shop Nike will be rewarded with a free Nike Membership at JD Sneaker Cleaning Kit that’s packed with essentials from Crep Protect. Not stopping there, you’ll have access to our AR Trainer Cleaning masterclass, and giving you exclusive access to WIN a year’s supply of trainers!


Once your Sneaker Cleaning Kit arrives, scan the QR code inside follow the instructions to enter.


Connected Deals
Connect your accounts and we’ll treat you to 10% off your next Nike shop over £40 at JD*.


Member-Only Product
Unlock exclusive access to members-only Nike product.


Exclusive Early Access
Connected accounts get exclusive early access to members-only Nike product launches too!


How To Connect Your JD & Nike Accounts

Ready to access even more rewards? Follow these steps to connect your JD and Nike accounts for free…


1. Download the JD App


2. Open the app and create a JD account, or login to your existing account if you already have one


3. Go to your ‘My Account’ section and click on the ‘Nike Membership at JD’ button


4. If you don’t already have a Nike membership, you can create an account during sign up. Already got one? Follow the instructions to link up your JD and Nike membership accounts


5. Access members-only benefits!


Want to find out more? Check out our Nike Membership at JD page here. 🔗


*T&Cs Apply

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