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An American Hero: A Guide to Levi’s Jeans

Thanks to Beyoncé & Post Malone’s new song, sales of Levi’s have skyrocketed 24% following the release of ‘Levii’s Jeans’ from Beyoncé’s new LP ‘Cowboy Carter’.

Though it could be argued that this isn’t relevant at all. Levi’s has always been highly regarded, with a carefully crafted reputation as the dependable, versatile and all-around good guys of the denim world since the ‘60s.

They’ve even held previous celebrity endorsements. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously followed a strict daily uniform consisting of a pair of Levi’s 501s, New Balance 992 and a black turtleneck, stating that he considered the company one of the ‘Great Brands’ alongside Coca-Cola, Disney & Nike.

Known for the iconic TV ads through the decades, the recent cast of A-list names has starred Brad Pitt, Pharell, Hailey Bieber and Manchester United’s own Marcus Rashford in the brand’s campaigns.

However, whilst the San Francisco natives didn’t necessarily need the commercial boost, Beyonce’s new song has seen sales soar to new heights – cementing Levi’s’ legacy and exposing the timeless name to a new audience.

Naturally, this news caught our attention. We want to introduce the next generation to the brand, highlighting how a good pair of Levi’s can become essential to any wardrobe.

As Levi’s are built to stand the test of time, we know they’re an investment. We’ve answered all the frequently asked Levi’s–centric questions, so you know everything about the brand before grabbing your first (or next!) pair of Levi’s jeans.

What Were the First Levi’s Jeans?

Levi’s Jeans, or Strauss, Levi (David Stern & Lewis Strauss) importers clothing, etc. 63 & 65 Sacramento St. as it was then known, was formed in San Francisco in 1858 by German-born Levi Strauss and his brother-in-law David Stern.

Initially, the company specialised in denim imports until Jacob Davis, a tailor in Nevada, proposed a partnership following experiments with copper rivets and a button fly.

Where Davis had the innovation, Strauss and Stern had the capital to help launch the first collection of Levi’s jeans.

Initially, Levi’s were mainly distributed as workwear. Claiming to have sold the first pairs to miners in the California Gold Rush. However, the brand had to wait until the 1960s when its cultural relevance began to explode. Despite this fire being years away from ignition – Levi’s planted the seed by launching the, now legendary, 501 – the very first model of Levi’s jeans.

What Were the First Levi’s Jeans?

Levi’s first and undoubtedly most iconic jeans are the 501. First released in 1873 and subsequently a big hit worldwide. The 501 enjoys its status as a beloved American hero. Cultural royalty that’s been passed through generations to today.

Where Are Levi Jeans Made?

They were originally manufactured in Nevada, USA – hence their association with country music and the American South. However, since 2019, Levi’s has been manufactured in various countries around the world.

Where Can I Buy Levi Jeans?

Levi’s jeans are available all over, with loads of cuts, models and colourways to suit your style. The brand has also expanded into classic denim jackets, shorts, dungarees, shirts and many other items of clothing.

Stocked around the globe online and in-store at JD, we’ve stacked our denim collection with a huge range of Levi’s for men, women and kids. Explore the complete collection here.

Levi’s 501s

Want to know all about the brand’s most famous model? Catch up on the history, the design and how to style the Levi’s 501 right here.

Levi’s 511s

A product of the 2000s. The 511 boasts a slimmer silhouette to its 501 counterpart. The Levi’s 511 has been referred to as ‘the most popular jeans in the world’ due to its modern shape that works with everything.

A contemporary silhouette that doesn’t stray too far from its origins, the 511 delivers true Levi’s DNA when you want to switch things up.

Levi’s 94s

Want to go bigger and bolder? Maybe something like a wide, straight leg? The Levi’s 94 has it covered.

The 94 references the nineties with a nod towards a cooler era of skate and grunge styling across pop-culture.

Showcasing that low-rise, baggy aesthetic, they’re a must-have of the rising trend that’s returned today.

Levi’s Denim Jackets

Levi’s introduced denim jackets in the 1970s. A game changer. Nowadays, Levi’s is known just as much for its textiles as its jeans, with the denim jacket the poster boy of this range.

The reason being the denim jacket combines the era of vintage denim with a utility edge for versatile wear when sharpening up or dressing down.

It also makes a great excuse to go double denim – another trend that’s unapologetically making waves again.

Show Levi’s Some Love

Levi’s began in San Francisco, was the creation of a German immigrant and his brother-in-law, and has since risen to become the world’s most beloved manufacturer of denim.

They can claim responsibility for many iconic designs, fashion statements, and even a Beyoncé song. Be sure to grab your next dose of denim from our Levi’s collection below.

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