JD Sports | April 8, 2022

Three’s A Crowd Speed Dates: Episode 10

Been waitin’ to see who’s taking an L? We’ve got you covered. The latest episode of Three’s A Crowd just dropped and the rivalry between Specs and PK continues…

Packed with flirting, innuendos, banter and loads more, ‘Three’s a Crowd’ usually sees three familiar faces link-up for a date, with two going head-to-head to win the heart our eligible guy or gal.



But this time, the speed dates are back! That means the guys have been given the chance to date not 1, but 5 girls.

Episode 10

In the latest ep, our guys Specs (@specsgonzalez) and PK Humble (@pk_humble) are back to finish up what they started. After more speed dating, Madame Joyce (@mimithemusicblogger), Chian Reynolds (@chianreynolds), Malaika (@_malaikas), Khadejia (@khadejiag) and Amel (@officialamel) have to pick who impressed the most.


From second date plans to photographer skills and more, which of the guys winning the ladies’ hearts?


Tune in now to find out who each gal chooses!


Missed the series so far? Catch up on the latest ep right here.


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