JD Sports | May 12, 2020

Werk It Out: Yoga

Lookin’ for a new home workout to boss? We know that keepin’ motivated and active can be tough, so if you want a more chill workout than running a 5K or doing 100 squats while baking a banana bread, yoga might be the answer.

We’ve put together a flow routine that will make you feel calm and grounded – something we all want RN. So whether you’re getting cabin fever with WFH or just finished a long day and you’re in need of some calming you-time, check out the below and you’ll be feelin’ refreshed in no time!


With stress relieving, body toning and meditation rolled into one, for many, yoga is a lifestyle, not just a form of exercise. Physical activity will keep your mind off everything going on and there’s a spiritual element to yoga which can be really soothing.

Stretching elongates your muscles, working on reducing any tension and building on stamina – perf’ for strengthening your whole body. Not only does yoga boost creativity, positivity and lower blood pressure it also gives us a good night’s sleep – the positive vibes are never ending.

Let’s roll out that yoga mat and go to a place of holistic wholesomeness with a some easy(ish) poses…

Bound Angle / Tree

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in yoga, these positions can be done by all. This Bound Angle and the Tree strengthens your back, hips and legs, increases flexibility in your hips (trust us you’ll feel it!) and increases circulation in your spine. They’re great for balance and focus as you practice slow and controlled breathing.

Seated Side Stretch / Pigeon

Great for lengthening your upper body, the Seated Side Stretch loosens up your spine and helps to open up your lunges improving oxygen levels through your body leaving you feeling refreshed.

Everyone can benefit from the hip opener known as Pigeon pose. Stress and tension can build up in the hips and create tightness, and practising the Pigeon will bring more flexibility to your body. Sat down at work all-day? This pose is perf’ for stretching out those glutes!

Mermaid / Boat

The Mermaid and the Boat poses build strong abdominal strength and relieve lower back pain. For these poses, the Yogi develops concentration and balance whilst feeling grounded and improves circulation by energising your entire body.

One Legged Bridge

Helping with relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia, the One Legged Bridge stretches the rib cage, chest, neck and back muscles. Tip: Breathing is a key player in this pose.

Aligned that chakra and feelin’ zen? Stay focused on ya training and check out our HIIT routine for some major fitness inspo!

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