JD Official | June 1, 2018

5 Minutes with @Helenxto…

Meet the newest member of the JD family, Helen, also known as @helenxto on Instagram. Have you ever seen such effortless style? Us neither, hence why we needed to get the low down and inspo behind the self-confessed Nike addict.

helenxto influencer

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I work within social media at a digital marketing company. It’s great because I’m a prime user of social media (well, Instagram) but digital marketing as a whole is pretty multifaceted and insightful.

What’s your go-to fashion trend?

Striped shirts, oversized blazers and wide black trousers are pretty timeless simple silhouettes that will always have a place in my heart. I really like Korean street style, as it encapsulates the aforementioned styles perfectly, especially with metal accessories.

 Have you ever had any fashion disasters?

Where do I even begin to start? I wore skirts over jeans in primary school and I thought I was really stylish. This was around the same period slouch boots were considered cool so we all had our moments.

What influences your style?

Anything and everything. I don’t think I can pinpoint my style to one source but Instagram, street style and online browsing are the main ones. I tend not to jump on ‘trending’ styles just because it’s popular as I’m indecisive and I get bored of wearing things easily unless I absolutely love it.

helexto style
helenxto style

Describe your wardrobe…

Minimal and relaxed, a simple medium between casual and formal. I prefer baggier fits and clothes that let you breathe. The main kinda garments you’ll see me in are wide leg trousers, stripe shirts and a good simple tee.

What are your favourite trainers and why?

Currently it’s the Nike Air Monarchs because who doesn’t love a good chunky trainer nowadays? I own the black pair too so it’s just easy to wear every day. I’ll probably wear these for a while until I find my next favourite pair, which could very well be my new Nike Air Max 97s.

Song on repeat ATM?

A tad late but Sza – Garden.

If you could only wear one trainer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Of my own collection, it’ll be between my Off White x Nike prestos and Nike Monarchs. I’m too indecisive to decide.


Keep your eyes peeled, we have more of Helen coming soon…

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