JD Official | June 7, 2023

Antslive’s Ultimate Guide to The Outdoors

Yo, it’s your man Antslive! Gassed to head out and explore this Summer? Not sure where to start?

Don’t sweat it, ‘cos I’ve teamed up with The North Face to bring you my ultimate guide to the outdoors.


When I’m not in the studio, I’m all about nature, so listen up and learn how to survive like Antslive!



Step One: Rep Freshness

First up, this is essential. Straight-up non-negotiable. If you’re hittin’ the trails, make sure what you’re reppin’ is fresh, and make sure it’s The North Face.


From tees to shorts, The North Face will hook you up this Summer. Cut from breathable fabrics and equipped with mad tech to keep you dry when things get sweaty, maximise your comfort when out and about.


If storage is what you need, I’d check out their cargo shorts, or for extra coverage, go for a pair of track pants or a track top. Remember, it ain’t always gonna’ be sunny, so prep for all kinds of weather and don’t get caught out, yeah? That would be jokes.


Step Two: Who You Rollin’ With?

Headin’ out on your ones? Rollin’ with the squad? Either way, you’ll need to be organised. Don’t be that guy that’s never prepared. That ain’t it. Rookie error.


Make sure you’ve got all the essentials ready to go before you head out. Here’s a little checklist to get you started, ‘cos I’m nice like that:


Phone ✅

Water Bottle ✅

Sunscreen ✅

Snacks ✅

Shades ✅

Map ✅

Positive mindset ✅


That last one is up to you. I can’t tell you how to live your life. But either way, you get the idea. Preparation is king, and to help you lock everything up, you’ll need a bag.


From rucksacks to shoulder bags and even duffel bags for those of you lookin’ to camp, The North Face have your back when it comes to storage options.


Step Three: Where You Headin’?

Right, you’re reppin’ some fresh garms and your essentials are locked up. What’s the plan? Where you headin’ and what terrain are we talking?


Whether you’re climbin’ a mountain or gettin’ lost in the woods, keep track of what the weather’s sayin’ before you go. Rain on the cards? It’s safe, I got you.


Lightweight jackets are the absolute one. Water and wind-proof for when the weather goes rogue, don’t be leavin’ the yard without packin’ your jacket. Trust me on this.



Step Four: Take It In

You’ve finally made it out! At this point, just take a moment for yourself. Soak in your surroundings and all that bare greenery. Nature is calm, innit?


While you’re chillin’, chuck on some extra North Face layers before you get back to it. Hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers. Whatever, fam. Just don’t be gettin’ chilly on me now.


Step Five: All The Gear, No Idea

Extra equipment is gonna’ low-key make or break your trip, so don’t go sleepin’ on those accessories.


The North Face has your back with stacks of extra heat to make your trek that bit easier.


Bare sunny? Rep a cap or bucket hat. Don’t embarrass yourself in front of your peeps by gettin’ sunburn on your head. They’re not lettin’ you forget that in a minute.


At night, the temperatures be droppin’ quick, so rep some extra gear with beanies, gloves and snoods.


Like I said, prep for any situation.


Step Six: Leave No Trace

Finally, leave without a trace, yeah? When out in nature, be respectful and clean up after yourself, you get me?


Right, that’s me done. You’re now fully prepped to survive in the wild. Thanks for checkin’ out this guide and make sure you’re reppin’ The North Face when out and about.





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