JD Official | October 6, 2018

#WhatTheGel Went Down Last Week?!

Want the low down on the latest ASICS event? Well, we’re throwin’ it back to last week when ASICS and JD got the ultimate insta-gang together; supporting the next generation of creators!

What Went Down?

Hittin’ up London, the night kicked off with a customisation session lead by the one and only, artist Ryan Hawaii.

Full of creative fun, the workshop is where the influencers got down to business, customising their very own pair of ASICS. We can tell ya – some of the results where unreal!

Karam customising
Liam Heeley customising

It wasn’t long before the gang all stepped into protective gear to get down to some serious spray painting – making their mark on the wall of creators before hitting the sushi tray!

spray painting on wall

We’re telling ya, it was a night of GEL packed fun!

The event continued with a dance off from some of the best dancers in the room. KOD champion, Karam Singh (@kidkaram123) showed us his winning moves, followed by a killer performance from The House of Pharos and the Novelist. Wasn’t long before the crowd were ravin’…

the Novelist

Check out some of the custom trainers our influencers created below! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ASICS #WhatTheGel?!

tyler west
zennor rose

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