JD Official | July 2, 2021

Blow The Budget: Episode 1

Haven’t you heard? We’ve got another new show!

Our brand-new YouTube series ‘Blow The Budget’ will ask 3 guests to go head-to-head in a round of trivia, all with the chance of winning BUNDLES of cash. The cash won’t be spent on exclusive sneakers and ‘fits, though, with the money being used to bring a legendary meme to life!

The Format

You’ve seen the meme – make a perfect film cast with a £6 budget, with megastars costing £3, the movie stars £2, and the TV stars £1. However, at JD, we don’t do things by half measures, so our draft format is worth £1000, £500 and £100!

Our guests will have three opportunities to win £100, two opportunities to win £500 and one chance to win the whopping £1000. But there’s a catch! The more money being played for, the harder the trivia question will be…

The Players

For our first episode, we’ve started with a bang, with funny men AJ (@ajshabeel), PK (@pk_humble), and JD OG, Specs (@specsgonzalez) battling it out.

Once each of our players have their budget, they will then all get the same ‘closest to’ question, with the closest answer going first to pick their board.

They’ll have to be smart with their money, as once an item, activity or person is chosen from the board, no-one else can chose it.

The winner will be decided by you! Like the sound of it? Catch the first episode now!

Make sure you subscribe to our channel @jdsports and stay tuned for ep 2 . Watch this space…

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