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Breakfast Inspo’ To Get You Moving

Brekkie, as we are ALWAYS told is the most important meal of the day! Providing you with a much needed boost to put some bounce in your step and get you outta’ the door and feelin’ fresh. But for some of us bored of Cheerios or plain old porridge, it’s time for some breakfast inspo. From athletes to artists, the celebs know what’s good in the breakfast world and here is exactly how they like to start their morning:

Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua

Dominating in the ring is something Joshua does well but standing at over 6ft 6inches tall, the Olympic gold medallist needs all the fuel he can get if he’s gonna keep up with all that training. Starting his day right, AJ sometimes has 2 breakfasts! Yes, 2 breakfasts! It’s a smoothie full of yoghurt, fruit, porridge oats and milk to start. Then later, he puts away FIVE EGGS, wholemeal bread, smoked salmon, spinach and avocado washed down with 1 glass of apple juice.

We’re full just thinking about that but with all that boxing to do, this high protein and nutritious meal is exactly what he needs! Full of sugars for quick energy release, protein for building on muscles and Vitamins B12, E, B and C. BOOM!



Bey knows what’s good when it comes to fueling her body right. She ain’t about to be smashing out her hits and working the stage on a hungry stomach is she? She ALWAYS makes time for breakfast! For Queen B it’s all about the health kick. Opting for scrambled egg whites or a vegetable smoothie, she’s got it down! If she fancies porridge, you can forget the Almond, Coconut, Soya, Oat or Rice milk alternatives. B simply opts for low-fat cow’s milk for an extra calcium kick before she starts the day. Good for the bones, high in potassium and a great source of protein!

Try porridge with berries, banana and honey for extra flavour. Perfect for getting you prepped to tackle all kinds of Beasts from the East…

Lionel Messi
Green smoothie

Lionel Messi

After his recent 3-0 victory over Chelsea, Messi has something to celebrate but it looks like his diet doesn’t leave much room for celebration. The low carb, low wheat, low sugar lifestyle has taken his body to a whole new fitness level. This means for breakfast its all about the fresh fruit and vegetables plus nuts and seeds for added crunch! Healthy, good for the gut and positively brimming with energy for a full day of training.

Try a vegetable smoothie with banana and avocado for extra creaminess!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Back with a bang after giving birth to her baby gal, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. (that’s a powerful name if ever we heard one), Serena Williams is determined to power her way back to the top! Before a big match she says she often can’t eat but if she was to choose something it would be high carbs, high protein and high energy like turkey sausages and jacket potatoes. Away from the court, she’s all about the fruit smoothie but if she can get her hands on a taco then that is all she will be eating! Taco breakfast, Taco lunch, Taco dinner, and why not with a forehand like hers!

Find your own breakfast inspo and fuel your workouts right! Whether it’s Nutella on toast, egg whites four ways or vegetable smoothies, breakfast is where it’s at to get your day off to the best start…take it from the pros.

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