JD Official | July 11, 2022

Buggy Bars: Episode 1 Ft. Mason Collective

Listen up! Festival season is in full flow, and to celebrate the mega sounds of this summer, we’ve brought you a brand-new series to kick back and get watchin’. Introducing: Buggy Bars.

Exclusively streaming over on our TikTok channel @JDOfficial, we’ve teamed up with our guy Moyo (@yourboymoyo), as he’s picking up with some of the hottest acts on the scene for exclusive interviews backstage.


Linkin’ up at Manchester’s biggest weekend of music, Parklife Festival, Moyo gave the high-rising DJ trio Mason Collection (@masoncollective) a lift round their local, Heaton Park.


Comprising of Blair Suarez, Adam Myles and Omar Guedar, Moyo was keen to learn more about the Manchester-born group.


Starting out with the boys’ dream celeb wife, he then found out their ideal artist collab – no surprise as to which genre it is…👀


Not stoppin’ there, Moyo wanted to test the group’s knowledge of their own tunes; mixing some of their underground hits, the trio were impressed by our guy’s DJing skills!


Runnin’ late for their set, Moyo had to put his foot down to get the boys to the stage in time to deliver an epic performance!


Sound good?! Check out the full ep below and make sure you’re followin’ us over on TikTok – @JDOfficial. Watch out for ep 2 coming soon…


@jdofficial @yourboymoyo pullin’ up with the lads @masoncollective getting the Nitty Gritty on all things Wifey’s and tunes … 🛺🎪 #fyp #BuggyBars #jdxparklife ♬ original sound – JD Sports

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