JD Official | July 22, 2022

Buggy Bars: Episode 4 Ft. Snoochie Shy

Buggy Bars is BACK! Moyo @yourboymoyo is back in the driver’s seat at Wireless Festival, and this time he’s linkin’ up with DJ, model and presenter Snoochie Shy.

Streaming exclusively on our TikTok @JDOfficial, our guy Moyo took Snoochie for a spin in our JD Festival Buggy. The pair linked up for a quickfire Buggy Bars sesh, get the lowdown on the latest ep here!



To kick things off, Moyo and Snoochie played a game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with a festival theme, obvs! From stayin’ in a tent or hotel at the festival, RnB or pop, Ardee or Aitch (sorry Ardee 😬), we found out what Snoochie’s faves are!


The pair went on to play ‘Heads Up’, with Moyo guessing the pics that Snoochie was describing. Let’s just say our guy’s got mad skills, aside from that one snap of The Rock, we’ll let that one slide…


After that, Snoochie had to get back to the festival! Moyo put his foot on the pedal to give Snoochie a lift back to VIP in signature JD style…


In case ya missed it, catch up on last week’s episode featuring Ivorian Doll here!


Watch the full episode of Buggy Bars with Snoochie Shy below, and make sure you’re keepin’ up with the series on TikTok @JDOfficial!

@jdofficial @Moyo is back with this week’s heat in the passenger seat @SNOOCHIE SHY 🙌🔥 #fyp #JDBuggyBars #festival #WirelesswithJD ♬ original sound – JD Sports

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