JD Official | May 15, 2020

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you can’t have missed the explosion of TikTok RN. And of course, we’ve been getting in on the action with our own channel, @jdofficial.

TikTok’s climbed its way to the top of the app charts, and pros, influencers and amateurs alike have all been taking to TikTok to showcase their skills (or lack of). From dancing to lip syncing, it’s a chilled, creative space where pretty much anything goes!

King of Trainers, King of TikTok

Bringin’ you the latest challenges that have gone viral, style inspo, home workouts and all round good vibes, peep below to see some of the TikToks we’ve been posting!

Ex-Love Island guy @jxrdanhames owning the #rainchallenge. Reckon you could do it? Get filming and don’t forget to tag #jdofficial

@jdofficialman like @jxrdanhames on the ##rainchallenge who else is gonna try it? @aitchnq_ ##jdofficial ?♬ original sound – aitchnq_

Donning the latest ‘fits from JD, @mac_griffiths has got the perf’ looks for all your loungin’ lock down needs!

@jdofficialGoing from the bedroom to the lounge in lockdown liiike ? @mac_griffiths ##jdofficial♬ No Face No Case – Vinny West – madi.claire

Spendin’ the weekend getting dressed up for Zoom quiz’s and trips to the fridge liiiiike…

@jdofficialGetting dressed up for Tik Toks in living room liiike… ? Take on @georgiasteel and tag us in ya ##margo challenge ??‍♀️ ##fyp ##jdofficial♬ They Call Me Tiago (Her Name Is Margo) – Tiagz

Throwin’ it back to when we hacked our guy Anthony Joshua’s phone with this crazy magic trick – HOW?

@jdofficialHacking Anthony Joshua’s iPhone ? ##foru ##foryou ##magictrick ##magic ##magician♬ original sound – jdofficial

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Need any more reasons to follow us? Didnt think so! You can catch us posting the hottest content over at @jdofficial.

With everything from TikTok Challenges for Housewerk to influencer inspo, we’ve been teaming up with some big names and big brands to keep you entertained during lockdown.

Win Big

@jdofficial@mac_griffiths on a lockdown loop like ?Wanna win £150 to get a lockdown look? Follow & comment a Tik Tok challenge you wanna see us do! ##jdofficial♬ original sound – kate.durocher

Wanna win £150 to get a lockdown look? Follow us over at @jdofficial and comment a TikTok challenge you wanna’ see us do!

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