JD Official | December 28, 2022

Champions League of Everything: Episode 23

Finishing off the year right, ‘Champions League of Everything’ is back with another new ep!

Episode 23 has landed and this time, the gang has reunited to decide the most important conversation remaining in 2022…who had the RAP ALBUM OF THE YEAR.


If you haven’t seen the series before, ‘Champions League of Everything’ is the ultimate debate show! In each episode, a panel of familiar faces discuss a particular topic; big or small. Expect heated debates, strong opinions and a whole load of banter along the way. Don’t miss it!


Episode 23

In episode 23, our guy and host Chuckie (@chuckieonline) is back at the table, joined once again by our debating crew: Lippy (@dondalipz), Tazer Black (@tazerblack), Margs (@margsmt) and Mimi the Music Blogger (@mimithemusicblogger).


To finish up 2022, the JD crew have the impossible task of discussing the best rap album of the year! With contenders like Stormzy, Knucks, Central Cee and more, it’s going to get heated…


Can the gang settle on number 1? Tune in to the ep here!



If you missed the last ep, tune in to Episode 22 here, where they debated the best artist of the year.


For more series’ featuring Chuckie, our guy Chunkz, Specs Gonzalez and more, subscribe to our YouTube channel – JD Official!

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