JD Official | October 15, 2018

#CHUCKMEMORIES – Meet Jack Thake

Wanna hear something cool? Well we’ve got you covered. Recently, we managed to steal 5 minutes of Jack Thake’s time at our Chuck Taylor shoot, getting the DL on all things Converse

converse hi tops
jack thake in converse hi tops

What’s your earliest memory of Converse?

My earliest memory of converse would be back when I was younger and I went to NYC to visit my family. I got a great photo sitting on a giant baseball glove in the centre of Times Square, wearing a pair of Converse! It was amazing!

What is your #chuckmemory?

My memories of Chucks began when I was back in school on the summer breaks, spending 6 weeks of holiday out and about with my mates and always wearing my Converse. They were my go-to shoe for riding around on my BMX.

What does Converse mean to you?

Converse means a lot to me as it reminds me of the times where I used to travel to meet my family in the states. That’s where my first pair of Converse were bought and I still have them now! They are truly timeless, it’s mad that I wore them growing up and still do now.

jack thake in converse
influencers in converse

Your favourite pair of Converse and why?

My favourite pair would be my Chuck Taylor 70’s in black and white because they go with everything! I love the old school look of the ’70s and I think it complements my style.

Describe your own style? How does Converse complement this?

My style is always adapting and changing but Converse stays part of it. Currently my style changes day to day, some days I could be wearing a tucked in tee with slim trousers, the next some wide jeans a hoodie. Converse goes with all styles and I think that’s why they’re an amazing shoe to experiment with.

We hear ya Jack. Shop your pair here.

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