JD Women | October 13, 2018

#CHUCKMEMORIES – Meet Jessica Shephard

Need some babespo? Look no further. We caught up with ultimate BABE Jessica Shephard, AKA Copper Garden, at our recent Chuck Taylor shoot to talk all things Converse

converse hi tops
jessica shephard in converse

What is your #chuckmemory?

My #chuckmemories all revolve around travelling! I always pack at least one pair of Converse as they’re perfect for exploring the world!

Your earliest memory of Converse?

My earliest memory of Converse is climbing! I actually climbed the Lions Head in South Africa wearing Converse.

What does Converse mean to you?

Converse means versatility, comfort and effortless style. They just go with everything!

black converse all star hi tops
Jessica Shephard in converse

Describe your own style?

Casual, minimal and classic.

How do Converse complement your style?

Converse complement my style because they’re versatile and work with any outfit. I’ve got quite a big wardrobe but I know they will always work – and I need comfort for when I’m off on my adventures as I’m always on my feet.

Low top or high top?

High – always!

First pair memories?

I had my first pair at the age of 13, they were black hi tops and I wore them every single day – I still wear the same style now!

Cute levels ?. Cop some Chucks here.

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