JD Official | December 23, 2022

Confessions: Part 2

Ready for find out what went down? The second part of the latest instalment of ‘Confessions’ just dropped.

Not seen it before? Confessions is all about who can keep their story straight. In each ep, our hosts turn detectives as they investigate a serious crime. They’ll be hearing the original story, then interrogating five suspects to uncover the truth and reveal the guilty party…


With nervous lies, red herrings and hidden clues to unpick, stay locked in!


Part 2

In the latest ep, our guy Chunkz is joined once again by JD regulars Sharky and PK Humble. That’s right, the investigative trio are back for the final reveal. 👀


Keeping up the interrogation on Monica’s behalf, they’ve whittled down the suspects to just three, and are about to have one more crack at discovering just who it was who broke Monica’s trust…


Which mate did her brother hook up with?!



If you missed part 1, tune in now here! For loads more series’ ft. the likes of Chunkz, PK and the gang, make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, JDOfficial.

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