JD Official | September 23, 2022

Confessions: Episode 1

It’s Friday, the weekend has hit and we’ve got some big news! Our brand new series ft. our guy Chunkz just dropped! ‘Confessions’ is here and it’s about to get spicy…

Confessions is all about who can keep their story straight. In each ep, the dynamic trio of Chunkz, Harry Pinero and PK Humble will join forces to investigate a serious crime. They’ll be interrogating five suspects to see who’s guilty!


Let’s get into it…


Episode 1

In the first ep, the guys are met with five suspects; Tendai, Joe, Manny, Shea and DeShon.


This week’s crime report is all about a man leaving his best friend’s birthday party early to go and ‘canoodle’ with his best mate’s mother…but which mate is it?!


With five suspects working together and only one guilty party, who can keep their story straight enough to be eliminated from suspicion? And who’s guilt is taking them to the finals…



Stay locked in for Episode 2 and make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel, JD Official, for loads more series’ ft. the likes of Chunkz, Specs and more of the gang.

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