JD Official | August 28, 2020

Crep Protect Got It Covered

Although face coverings are essential RN, they’ve become more than just an essential for public spaces – they’re an accessory. If you’ve gotta’ wear one, you may as well look good while doing it.

If you want to step up your look and take your face covering up a level, Crep Protect has it covered.

Not just keeping your sneakers fresh, Crep have dropped two new styles of face coverings. You can keep it classic with black (guaranteed to go with anything), or switch it up with an all-over print. Wanna’ shop ‘em? Stay locked in. ⬇️ ⬇️

Keep It Covered

Made from soft and stretchy poly fabric that’s comfy to wear, Crep Protect’s coverings have elasticated straps that sit around your ears to secure them. They’re also machine washable, which means you can re-use them!

Shop Crep Protect Face Coverings here!

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