JD Sports | August 21, 2018

Do HIIT Workouts Live Up to The Hype?

Once again, High Intensity Interval Training (AKA. HIIT) has topped the board for the top fitness trend of 2018. Like ab belts and Wii Fit, most fitness trends come and go, but since made its debut on the fitness scene in 2014 HIIT has boomed – reaching a top three spot on the trending list ever since!


Not familiar with the trend? HIIT combines short bursts of seriously high-intensity exercise with small periods or rest or recovery – usually 20-30 seconds of workin’ out, followed by 15-30 seconds of rest. That’s not a ratio we’re gonna complain at!

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Wondering if this type of workout really lives up to the hype? Well we’re gonna’ break it down, giving you all the deets and explain why we’re all totally sold. Time to get in on the trend…

Time Efficient

We all know how hard it is to squeeze in a workout alongside a full time job and addiction to Netflix. After a long day at work when motivation levels can be at an all-time low, going on a run, cycle or any other steady state workout just isn’t high on the priority list. However, with HIIT 20-30 mins is enough! After all, it’s super high intensity so after just a short amount of time you shouldn’t be able to do any more.


Not only can you fit this into even the busiest of lifestyles, HIIT is ultra-convenient too. You can do most types of HIIT exercises using just your body weight, no need for any equipment. Not only do you not need to stock up on gear, you can do it pretty much anywhere. Park? Fine. Home? Definitely. With this one, there’s no excuses.

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You might be wondering how you can ditch your usual hour-long run for just 20 mins of HIIT. With interval training, your workouts are taken to the next level. High-intensity means high fat burning rate. Y’know what’s even better, because HIIT boosts metabolism, your body continues to burn calories even when you’ve left the gym. Bonus!


Whether you’re a total beginner or HIIT queen, this type of workout can be adapted to suit all fitness levels! The short working out period is your chance to push yourself, whether that’s 5 or 25 burpees in 30 seconds, so long as you’re feeling the burn – it’s working! HIIT is all about you and your personal best.

What’re you waiting for? Join the hype! Needin’ new gear? Shop the latest women’s fitness clothing for women on JD RN.

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