JD Official | August 14, 2019

F2 Freestylers Put On a Show!

Showin’ their skills to millions on Youtube and bringin’ you some of the freshest threads around, Jeremy and Billy of the F2 Freestylers are out to make an impact!

Recently takin’ the time to head down to the JD Sports store at the Bluewater Shopping Centre, the Freestylers gave fans a chance to see them in action while also hypin’ the latest collection from Rascal.

Freestylers F2 rascal

The event started off with a live DJ, as well as a challenge area set up outside the front of the store. Dancing and football challenges where set for anyone who wanted to show off what they’ve got!

If they impressed and stood out from the rest, they received a wristband to take part in the meet and greet – no doubt getting compliments from Jeremy and Billy themselves on their skills!

Billy and Jeremy took centre stage to give everyone a quick taste of the finesse they have on the pitch before takin’ a break so that they could get ready for the meet and greet.

F2 freestylers rascal

The JD store was decked out with Freestylers branding to make sure everyone knew they’d arrived, while the latest Rascal threads were front and centre so eager fans could cop the heat and even rep it when meeting the guys!

Takin’ some questions before they started meeting all of the fans that had turned up, Jeremy and Billy took questions about their Youtube channel, how they met, when they started freestylin’, and loads more. Covering all the things you’ve always wondered about the lads.

Divin’ into the meet and greet, the Freestylers made sure everyone that was there got the chance to have a picture and a chat.

Freestylers Rascal

Wanna get your hands on the latest collection from Rascal to style up the streets and the pitch just like the F2 Freestylers? Then make sure you check out hottest cuts from Billy and Jeremy here at JD Sports.

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