JD Official | January 6, 2023

Foundations: Episode 3

It’s a new year, and a brand-new scenario has landed for our JD crew to help solve in the latest ep of our couples counselling show, ‘Foundations’.

‘Foundations’ is all about saving relationships that are on the rocks. In each episode, our hosts will be split into two teams in order to offer some serious therapy advice to both halves of the relationship. They’ll each be dedicated to one half of the couple, before coming together to make their assessment and let them know just what to do to get their relationship back on track.


Can our crew give them the answers they need? Stay locked in to find out…


Episode 3

In first part of our second relationship, our guy Chunkz has partnered up with Harry Pinero to speak to Junior about secret texts and a video at Notting Hill Carnival that went viral. While our gal Chloe B is joined by JD regular Specs as they chat to Mia about famous exes and money priorities.


Can the gang to do enough to save the relationship? Tune in now!



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