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Fresh Sound: The Illicits

Always on the lookout for new music? Then you don’t wanna miss The Illicits!

Continuing Manchester’s tradition of producing iconic bands – think The Smiths and Oasis – The Illicits are pushing against the tide and takin’ rock back to basics with their gritty guitar anthems.

So, here’s a peak at the band that are gonna be the next big thing and a regular on your playlists.

The Illicits

Making an Impact

Forming in 2017, The Illicits are made up of George Richards (vocals), Brad Hayes (Lead Guitar), Joe Mitchell (Bass Guitar), and Matt Cottam (Drums). Hailing from Blackburn, they bring a much-needed refresh to the northern music scene. Their gritty, post-Britpop sound sees a return to the melodic, guitar-driven music that hasn’t been seen since the mid-90s when Oasis were in full swing.

Delivering a big sound that connects with the working-class roots in the north, The Illicits have already gained a large following. Recently selling the 200-capacity Electric Church Club in their hometown of Blackburn, they’re also in the middle of a UK wide tour supporting The Zutons. To top it all off, they’ve just been signed by Alan McGee to his Creation 23 label. With the man behind Oasis and The Libertines signing them up after just two years as a band, you know they’re something special.

Their breakout single ‘In What World’ has been making waves around the UK, and they even debuted the music video on Soccer AM! From the music video it’s clear to see that they’ve not just got the sound but also the style that’s essential for any rock band. Decked out in Spezial sneakers from adidas, they’ve got the terrace look that makes a statement.

Spezial adidas

Bringin’ back proper northern rock in a big way, don’t be sleepin’ on The Illicits. Check them out on Insta’ @theillicits and head over to Creation23 to find all their latest tracks along with the ‘In What World’ music video.

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