JD Sports | October 9, 2018

From Sofa To Sprinter: Running Towards That 10K Finish Line

It’s raining, it’s pouring and the gym routine is getting boring. From weekly weights and core sessions, to gym classes and cardio training, the never-ending gym routine can leave us feeling deflated, tired and still searching for that summer bod…

Instead of giving up, giving in and retreating to the sofa, we’ve got the PERFECT challenge for ya! It’s time to get up, get running and get to 10K-ing! Sound scary? Well here’s 4 motivational tips to get you across that finish line!

group of runners

1. Time For A Mate Date

Running 10K can be super easy for some of us, but for the rest, it might as well be a 500-mile hike across Everest…One way to get you up, get you out and keep you motivated is to grab yourself a running buddy.

Running with a mate can distract you from how far you have left to run, motivate you to keep up a pace and leave you determined to reach that finish line – with someone to celebrate with at the end!

running with a mate
running with a mate for motivation

2. Plan! Plan! Plan!

You’re cosied up on the couch, you’re watching Friends episodes back-to-back but 10K training is calling! If you put a plan together and work out how many miles you need to tackle each week, there’s probs time to squeeze in all your training AND your TV binge watching. It’s all about planning your time well.

Whether you do ‘From couch to 5k’, pace races or make your own unique running plan – we wanna make sure you can cross that finish line in no time!

Make a plan for your run
Make a plan for your run

3. Join A Park Run

If you need a little confidence boost and some much needed fresh air, then a Park Run can be the 10K training you’ve been looking for. Start small with 1 mile run, 1 mile walk or push it to a 5K and then work up from there!

With loads of other runners and views to distract you, taking your runs to the park could be the motivation you need.

Park Running
Park running towards a 10k

4. Find Your Essential Running Playlist

Nothing says 10K racing like smashing through the miles with Beyoncé blaring!! Mile 3 and you’re onto Kaytranada or Drake just to keep you pushing forward.

The perfect playlist is an ESSENTIAL if you need a mid-race energy boost, a little boogie before the finish line and something to sing to when you’re waiting for the race to start. You can get lost in the music and be at mile 15 before you even know it!

essential running playlist to keep you motivated
essential running playlist to keep you motivated

From experienced runners to absolute beginners, keeping that cardio level up is essential if you want to maintain that sweet summer bod all year long. Challenge yourself this autumn and get 10K-ing. What ya waiting for?

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