JD Official | April 12, 2024

Hoodrich Hits LA With M1llionz

To celebrate 10 years and with fresh new lines about to land, Hoodrich hooked up with M1llionz and took off for the sunny California west coast.

With a hot new drop inbound and 10 years of moving big behind them, where better to show off the latest collection than the sun-soaked streets of LA.


If this doesn’t get you hyped for Summer, nothing will.


Check out the all-new Hoodrich drop below 👇



From Handsworth To Hollywood 🌴

Linkin’ up with British-born rapper M1llionz, Hoodrich has delivered in a big way.


Hailing from Handsworth, a suburb of Birmingham, M1llionz has been on a sharp trajectory to the top for a number of years now.


Breaking through with the track ‘North-West’ in 2019, it was his song ‘B1llionz’ in 2020 that first landed him a UK top 40 hit.


In 2021 he released his debut mixtape Provisional License which featured the likes of AJ Tracey and Headie One.


Now reppin’ the latest Hoodrich gear in the City of Angels, M1llionz knows the score when it comes to both music and style.


Heat For The Heat 🌡️

Delivering big looks for the climbing temps, Hoodrich come through with those sun-drenched Cali vibes in the new drop.


Bringing a warm, west-coast edge to your Summer ‘fit, hit the streets like LA’s finest in the freshest tees.



From the Flight to the Fade, or the JD-exclusive Chrome and Heat T-shirts, Hoodrich will help step things up, no matter your choice.


Pair ‘em with either the Chrome, Fade or Heat shorts when the sun’s at its peak.


If you need extra coverage for when the temps go south, opt for either the Chrome or Fade joggers, with either the matching Chrome or Fade hoodies on top, all of which are exclusive to JD, for the complete H-to-T ‘fit.


Check out the full Hoodrich men’s drop right here and start Summer the right way.

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