JD Official | September 13, 2023

Hoodrich Is Sendin’ It

Knowin’ where you’re from and reppin’ your ends is at the core of what Hoodrich is about, but now and again, a break from the block is needed.

There are loads of motives you can get involved in to switch off from the streets. Let’s see how Fumez and Snoochie Shy do it in Hoodrich’s latest collection!


You might think that the street has your back, but that’s not always case. One thing that always will, though, is music.


Whether you and your crew are throwing shapes at an event or sprayin’ bars in a studio, music’s always a reliable to shoulder lean on.

Look Fresh, Feel Fresh

Times can be rough, it’s more important than ever to start backin’ yourself to the full. Self-care and self-love are two ways to help you feel your best. Coz look, that’s what you deserve, to feel your best.


So fellas, like Fumez, get that fresh trim, sharpen up your beard and take pride in how you look. You’re a king, treat yourself like one.

Statement Styles

Your fade’s on point, what’s next? Coppin’ drip from Hoodrich’s newest drop, that’s what! The latest looks from Hoodrich’s men’s range features essential tees and hoodies that’ll level up your layers.


For days when you’re kickin’ back, pull on a pair of joggers and amp up your look and comfort. To get that utility edge, flex a pair of cargos.

For The Gals

Snoochie Shy makes herself look great and feel better by headin’ to the nail shop. It’s a vibe, so jump on it. And it doesn’t need to stop at nails, does it? If you’re feelin’ it, go and get your hair done!



You’ve got yourself primed and ready, it’s time to focus on the ‘fit now. All-new women’s designs from Hoodrich have landed, and obvz they’re a must cop.


With puffer jackets to tackle colder days, hoodies and joggers for your snug staples, leggings and tees for a laidback vibe, Hoodrich has you covered.

Fire ‘Fits

You’ve gotta’ remember, it’s not always about where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. Wherever you’re turning up, bring the heat!



You already know that Hoodrich supplies styles that turn heads, and you know JD stocks these head-turnin’ threads. If your ‘drobe needs a refresh, get shoppin’ next-level ‘fits from Hoodrich here!

It’s YOUR Year

Music, lifestyle, fashion. On their own, they’re a great route out from the roads. Throw them together, and you can throw a mega party!


That’s Hoodrich’s plan, what’s yours? Whatever it is, remember that you’re number one, look after yourself, yeh?

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