JD Official | November 25, 2020

Housewerk: ‘Shoes Off’ Episode 2

Stop what you’re doing! The next episode of ‘Shoes Off’ just dropped and Housewerk’s epic Forfeit FIFA tournament continues…

Missed the first ep? Don’t worry. You can catch up on Episode 1 now!

Episode 2

In episode 2, FIFA 21 meets even more forfeits with two more BIG games and a whole load of chilli chocolate…Specs Gonzalez (@specsgonzalez) and Sharky (@ohnosharky) are back at JD’s house to host and the boys, AKA. Craig Mitch (@craigxmitch), Miles (@milageuk), Margs (@margsmt) and Lippy (@dondadalipz) are ready for round 2!

Wanna’ see what they’re made of? Fresh off the back of week 1 losses, expect more skills, forfeits and a whole load of laughs. Catch the next ep of ‘Shoes Off’ right here ⬇️

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