JD Official | July 28, 2021

In The Duffle Bag: Season 3 Episode 17 with Fumez

We’ve got good news! The latest episode of our In the Duffle Bag podcast just dropped! We’re onto episode 17 and this time, our guy Chuckie catches up with leading engineer, Fumez.

On the latest ep, we’ve linked up with Hoodrich. Back in May, Hoodrich joined forces with Fumez The Engineer as the brand’s very first official ambassador. Get the low down on the latest collection, as repped by Fumez right here.

Episode 17 – Fumez

On ep 17, Chuckie sits down with Fumez the Engineer to talk about everything from how he got into engineering, to the misconception of his title. He covers who he likes working with, how he was considered a ‘hater of progress’ plus loads more! Tune in now for the inside scoop.

I came in the game and I tried to change it

Catch episode 17 with Fumez on iTunes, Acast and Spotify now!

Been sleepin’ on the rest of series 3?! With the likes of our guy WillNE, Kalvin Phillips, Wolftyla and loads more big names giving us the inside scoop, you can catch up and tune in on iTunesAcast, and Spotify now.

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