JD Official | June 17, 2020

In the Duffle Bag: Upfront Episode 1

Our podcast In the Duffle Bag has been making waves since it first launched last year – and we’re flying through series 2!

As part of the latest series, we’ve just kicked off an all-new mini-series; ‘In the Duffle Bag: Upfront’. This is the place for open conversation and right here, we’ll be getting real on a range of topics for change.

Episode 1 with Jordan Hames & Stevo the Madman

For the first ep, Chuckie sits down with Stevo the Madman (@stevothemadman1) and Love Island’s Jordan Hames (@jxrdanhames). They talk openly about their experiences growing up, as well as how things are now. Covering everything from their upbringing and challenges in their careers, to using their voice and platform to inspire change, catch the full episode now!

“Is it wrong? Is it right?”

Catch the first episode of In the Duffle Bag Upfront over on iTunes, Spotify and Acast now.

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