It’s All About – Core Workouts!

With all this hot weather it looks like it’s out with the layers and in with the bikinis, shorts and crop tops. If you’re wanting to look and feel good while hittin’ up the beach or park this summer, we’ve got the perfect core workout to tone you up! Don’t worry gal, we got you.

Improving your core is not just about toning up those muscles, it can improve your balance, help with digestion and up those positive vibes. Try incorporating this routine during your next gym sesh:

We’re Not Pranking – Get PLANKING!

It hurts like hell and it gets you sweating like an ice cream in a sauna, but there’s nothin’ better than a bit of booty-toning and stomach-sculpting planking. From plank dips where you dip one hip at a time to side planks and the good old fashioned core buster, this bad boy is all about the full body tone. You’ll be planking your way to the beach and back in no time!

The Workout:

  • Try a 30 second plank making sure to keep the hips in line, the booty squeezed in and your eyes looking forward.
  • OR, give the hip dip plank ago as a finisher after any workout.
Planking core exercise
Planking core exercise

The World Cup’s Over But We’re Still Russian Twisting

Still all about the World Cup spirit and ready to work on every part of your core, Russian twist exercises are great at sculpting the muscles at the side of your stomach; the obliques!

For an even harder workout, try these bad boys with a weight and see the stomach sculpting begin. Abs in no time.

The Workout:

  • Start in a crunch position with your feet lifted off the floor.
  • Engage that core and twist your body from side to side making sure to turn your head towards each side as you move.
  • For an increased intensity workout, add a weight and a 2 second pause to each twist.
  • Repeat 20 times.
Russian Twist Core Exercise
Russian Twist Core Exercise

Leg Raising All The Way To The Top

Legs-be-honest, the hardest part about core is keeping that stomach engaged, mind focused and reps up high. What better way to combat that than with an exercise where you’re lying on the floor. It might as well be break time!…

Leg raises target the lower stomach, legs and love handles with some serious power.

The Workout:

  • Starting with your legs stretched out in front along the floor, raise your legs together whilst engaging your core.
  • Once they have raised as far as possible (don’t push yourself too hard, you wanna’ still be able to move at the end of the day) lower them slowly keeping your back and palm of your hands flat on the floor.
  • Repeat this 10 times keeping your core engaged!

Crawling Your Way To That Summer Bod

We’re not talking Queer Eye style dance move crawls, we’re talking high-intensity, fast paced, army crawls with stomach muscles engaged all the way. This exercise is all about a high level intensity and results in no time, defo worth giving it a go.

The Workout:

  • Set yourself a target on the other side of your workout space.
  • Crawl all the way to your target as quick as you can.
  • Without turning round, reverse crawl your way back to the start trying to keep as low to the floor as possible.
  • Repeat 5 times and then collapse onto the floor.
leg raising core exercise
Crawl Core Workout

You’ve mastered the workout, you’ve crunched that core and now it’s time to repeat it all again!



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