JD Official | June 1, 2022

JD x adidas ZX22 Event: The Wrap Up

Haven’t you heard?! To celebrate the launch of adidas Originals’ brand-new ZX22, we teamed up with the legendary brand to bring the futuristic silhouette to life…

With latest edition of the iconic ZX line-up already makin’ serious waves since droppin’ on the scene, we knew we had to go big. That’s why we linked up with our guy Chuckie (@chuckieonline), YouTube king and adidas brand ambassador Tobi Brown (@tobjizzle), and a load of familiar faces for a space-inspired night like no other!


Wanna’ hear more? Get the full rundown right here!


The NZXT Destination 🚀

Inviting our VIP guests with first-class tickets, our gang checked in to take flight with their exclusive ZX22 boarding passes at a top-secret location in London.


Going through the cosmic walkway, our guests were transported to their NZXT destination, full of retro yet futuristic arcade games, including the giant Pac-Man machine – all in with a chance of baggin’ themselves a pair of ZX22’s with the highest score. Tobi, we saw you sneaking multiple goes…👀


With our crew kitted out in head-to-toe adidas, there were some fire ‘fits on display. From tees to tracksuits and stacks of adidas Originals’ signature sneakers, the 3-Stripes never looked so good. ✨


Not stoppin’ at arcade games, we also invited the ‘Gastronomy Guys’ down to work their magic. Bringin’ all the futuristic vibes, there were potion-like cocktails, Dragon’s Breath Meringues and even nitro ice cream!


Now the journey was in full flight, our guy Chuckie did what he does best; he sat down with Tobi for a LIVE recording of our hit series ‘In the Duffle Bag’. Getting to know Tobi on a deeper level, they discussed everything from life growing up and how he got into YouTube, to his first ever game he played and the latest ZX22. Stay locked in for that droppin’ soon!


The experience hadn’t finished there though. Once the guys wrapped up the podcast, Tobi announced that anyone with a star on their VIP wristband could claim their own pair of ZX22’s! The perfect way to depart a mega evening.



Ready to step to the future?! Grab the latest ZX22 right here.


For loads more behind-the-scenes content from our future-inspired night, head over to @jdofficial!

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