JD Official | October 22, 2021

JD x Pokémon GO: Exclusive Nike Heat!

JD are linking up with Pokémon GO for an exciting new partnership that gives you the chance to claim exclusive Nike heat for your in-game avatar!


Pokémon GO is an immersive, mobile experience that allows players to navigate real-world environments while catching Pokémon within the game.


It has become a global phenomenon, with over 1 billion downloads worldwide since it first launched back in 2016.


Claim In-Game Nike Garms!

The latest collab’ with JD means 300 stores across the UK and Europe are now interactive Pokéstops within the Pokémon GO universe, where you can bag exclusive Nike fire for your avatar to look fresh in!


By simply spinning the JD-exclusive Pokéstop to interact with it and tapping the item, the Nike gear is yours to rep in-game.


The items available are a pair of Nike Air Max 2021 sneakers, a Nike Air T-Shirt and a Nike Air Max Heritage Backpack.


All products will be available to cop exclusively at JD, meaning you can level up your in-game look before heading in-store to cop the exclusive, real-life products for yourself!


How It Works

Looking to get involved? Here’s how the game works!


Players, also known as Trainers, navigate the Pokémon GO universe using an in-game avatar.


They visit real-world locations that, within Pokémon GO, have been turned into interactive Pokéstops, where they can claim items such as Pokéballs, Eggs and Potions to help them in the game.


Players can also claim avatar items, or skins, to style and personalise their trainer.


By interacting with multiple Pokéstops, players can earn badges and XP, as well as take part in scheduled Raid Battles against Legendary Pokémon at locations with an in-game Gym!


Ready to get started? Download the Pokémon GO app today, either on the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android and start your adventure in style with exclusive Nike gear from JD!



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