JD Official | March 19, 2021

JD x WillNE: Three Kings Episode 1

So you’re a fan of ‘Don’t Crack‘? Well we’re back with our guy, WillNE (@willne) and a whole new series just kicked off.

That’s right, our latest series ‘Three Kings’ just dropped and episode 1 is LIVE! Following up episodes of ‘Don’t Crack’ and ‘Big Fax’, ‘Three Kings’ switches it up again. This time, it’s all about trainers…

Three Kings

Three Kings is all about putting trainer trivia to the test – but WillNE and JD style! On each ep, our guy and JD VIP Will will be joined by a special guest and they’ll both head to one of our JD stores.

When in-store, the guest will be tested on all things trainers. The more correct answers and matches they can rack up, the longer they’ll get to go on their ultimate trainer shopping spree.

Watch Episode 1

In the first ep, WillNE’s joined by funny guy, Munya (@munyachawawa). Going viral and blowing up on YouTube, his rap alter ego aka. Unknown P gives his satirical take on some of the world’s biggest talking points!

Does Munya know his stuff when it comes to trainers?! Find out and tune in to episode 1 of Three Kings now!

Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming action by subscribing to our YouTube channel @jdsports. Stay tuned for the next ep of Three Kings, as well as other series ft. our guy, WillNE.

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